Candy carrots

Candy Carrots, our sweet snack

vanRijsingencarrotconcepts responds to the needs of the consumer. Convenience foods are here to stay in today’s society and this convenience food must be healthy and tasty and most of all directly consumable.

This is why vanRijsingencarrotconcepts introduces candy carrots! The healthy, sweet, and tasty snack. 


This carrot is an imperator- variety  including the qualities the market demands, such as :

• Crunchy, crispy bite
• Sweet taste (snack experience)
• Forty percent higher carotene content
• Bright and orange colored for an appealing look
• Long sustainability up till fourteen days (cooled)


The candy carrot can be delivered in several packages, also for bulk. This product is produced under own management. Delivery is possible throughout the year.

Next to snack this carrot is also suitable for processing in a cooked meal.