vanRijsingencarrotconcepts delivers its products on demand of its customers.  At first the carrots are being washed, sorted, and if necessary cut and scraped.

vanRijsingencarrotconcepts has a large processing hall with several production lines. These lines are operated by competent people who are able to work fast and at the same time accurate. 


After the products are being processed they are packed. vanRijsingencarrotconcepts packs its quality products in several packaging. From bags with a content of 50 grams to boxes containing 350 kg.

Quality is not the certificate on the wall, real quality is the way our employees work and think. Effective quality-care, that’s what it is all about.”

Quality through process

Next to product quality we focus strongly on the quality of our processes both internally as externally. Cooperation is very important to our organization. The way we achieve results is documented in processes.

Quality within our organization can be characterized as professional, involved, competent and reliable.

“Keeping promises and appointments: that is what quality is all about.”


To guarantee the quality within our organization, we are certified according to the following standards:

  • Milieukeur
  • QS Certificate vanRijsingencarrotconcepts 
  • SKAL (BIO/Organic) certificate vanRijsingencarrotconcepts 
  • IFS certificate vanRijsingencarrotconcepts