About vanRijsingencarrotconcepts

What we stand for

Vegetable snacks made to order

vanRijsingencarrotconcepts is a producer and processor of carrots. We provide retailers, food service providers, wholesalers and different vegetable slicing companies with year-round, high-quality carrot products. We specialise in healthy vegetable snacks, such as the carrot snacks that we market under the name Harries.

Quality through process

At vanRijsingencarrotconcepts, we focus strongly on the process quality, both internally and externally. A healthy relationship with customers and suppliers is extremely important for our organisation and is embedded in our processes. The quality of our work is characterised by: keeping our word and delivering on our agreements.

Products on demand

vanRijsingencarrotconcepts delivers its products on demand to customers. The carrots are first washed, then sorted and, if needed, sliced and scraped.
vanRijsingencarrotconcepts has a large processing facility with different production lines. These lines are operated by skilled staff who are able to work quickly and accurately.

We're working together with nature on healthy vegetable products


vanRijsingencarrotconcepts is part of vanRijsingengreen. vanRijsingengreen is a family-run business and has been a leader for over 50 years in the market of healthy and fresh foods, predominantly field-scale vegetable cultivation. vanRijsingengreen works together with nature on healthy vegetable products. Our companies use sustainable methods to sow, harvest, process and sell a large variety of vegetable products. We strengthen our natural resources through intensive cultivation management. We do not accept any waste and use all parts of our vegetables. Zero waste.

Healthy vegetable products

vanRijsingengreen comprises four complementary companies which, as a whole, aims at providing healthy vegetable products to customers everywhere. Each individual company plays a vital role in the group's mission to attain a circulatory business model, obtain maximum value from all raw materials and to produce no, or practically no waste. Together, these four companies work with vegetables from cultivation through to processing the last fibre.

Our qualities: unique cultivation and chain management

Core values and qualities

vanRijsingencarrotconcepts stands firmly behind the core values that we promote as a whole in the vanRijsingengreen group:

  • Long-term, loyal business relations with all stakeholders
  • Expert and ultra-curious about vegetables
  • Transparent
  • No waste


In addition, vanRijsingencarrotconcepts has its own specific core qualities.
Customers value our knowledge of the consumer market. We understand the needs consumers have for a healthy and responsible snack.

The core qualities of vanRijsingencarrotconcepts:

  • Consumer-focused
  • Circularity
  • No waste
  • Knowledge of vegetables