The cycle of vanRijsingengreen follows nature's way. Everything is used, nothing is wasted. In this animation, you can experience our shared direction and the new identity of vanRijsingengreen. 

Carrots for the whole of Europe

Healthy carrot products

vanRijsingencarrotconcepts loves carrots. Our world lives and breathes carrots, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We produce healthy vegetable snacks, like deliciously sweet carrot snacks. Our carrot snacks are the healthy choice when you feel like a pick-me-up between meals. We deliver our carrot delicacies throughout Europe, optionally cut to size according to our customers’ specifications. 

Healthy and delicious snack

Harries carrot snacks

We can't imagine life these days without our convenience foods. With our specialist brand Harries, we've tapped in to the consumers’ need for healthy and tasty ‘sweets'. And preferably ready to eat. Harries offers exactly that: it's the favourite snack for when you're feeling peckish.

Zero waste

We love our veggies. That's why vanRijsingencarrotconcepts aims for zero waste; ultimate value through the whole chain from soil to mouth. Nothing gets wasted, everything has a purpose.